Lightest Soccer Cleats -- Nike Mercurial Superfly V Released

It is absolutely incredible to think that when the Nike Superfly was released in March 2009, their 6.8oz was seen to be one the lightest soccer cleats ever released. In a sense, it set the bar for all other companies to compete against in an effort to produce the lightest boots on the market. Well, in the 3.5 years since, the challenge has been met and pretty emphatically at that.

This list represents and illustrates the thorough work companies are placing into research and development, in an effort to produce the lightest boot on the market. There is obviously a performance-to-protection ratio that has to be met through this process. We in no way endorse the idea that lighter is better, but we do applaud companies for their continuing desire to innovate.

Just like its predecessor the Talaria, this edition of the Miracle fell third in the Mercurial range, behind the Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Mens Yellow/White/Black and Vapor VI. But if you think that Nike skimmed this release and shipped it out as a cheap alternative, you will be surprised to hear how well they actually did perform during testing. Since this particular release, the Miracle range has definitely grown in stature and now sits as one of the best alternate boots on the market.

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